Root Canal

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, aims to treat infection at the centre of the tooth. This infection is caused by bacteria, usually caused by tooth decay, unstable fillings, or when the tooth’s enamel is damaged. It is essential to treat an infected root as the infection can spread via the blood stream into other parts of the body, and an untreated root can cause pain or swelling.

How does root canal treatment work?

Generally, root treatment of the tooth lasts about 2 hours which is divided into three visits. The dentist will use local anaesthetic to remove the infected pulp, clean the root canals and fill them to prevent further infection. It is normal to experience some tenderness once the local anaesthetic has worn off but this will subside.

How much does root canal treatment cost?

This dental treatment is part of general dentistry and is available under the NHS. The cost of root canal treatment depends on the tooth: Please visit our fee section to find the updated cost of root canal treatment. Please note that NHS fee structure is complex and varies considerably from patient to patient depending of the treatment required.

Your dentist will provide you with a written estimate before the treatment, so there will be no surprises. The treatment procedure and the care necessary after the treatment will be explained to you in the surgery as well.

Occasionally, your dentist may recommend a referral to a root canal dentist, either due to the complexity of your case or to address a previous root canal treatment that needs re-treatment. It's important to understand that these appointments will be conducted privately and must be arranged through your referring dentist. The fee for private root canal treatment is detailed below for your reference.

Under the NHS, the next course of action unsuccessful root canal treatment is tooth removal. However, we firmly believe that there is nothing more valuable than preserving your natural tooth structure. Root canal dentists have a high success rate and offer a genuine chance to save the tooth because alternatives like implants can be significantly more expensive and may not be suitable for everyone.

Root canal treatment (Incisor/Canine) £337.50
Root canal treatment (Premolar) £416.50
Root canal treatment (Molar) £522

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