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We completely understand that visiting the dentist is not always the most pleasant exciting experience of all, but our team will make sure you and your family are comfortable at our practice and reassure you that you are in safe and reliable hands.

Navin Aziz at a local nursery promoting Childsmile

As a NHS dental practice, we are part of the Childsmile programme, a dedicated initiative aimed at enhancing oral health among children across Scotland. This service is provided free of charge for children under the NHS, and we strongly encourage parents to take advantage of this programme.

Our dentists are dedicated to educating both children and their parents on the importance of good oral hygiene and maintaining a healthy diet.

The programme has proven to be immensely successful in elevating the oral health standards of children in Scotland. Since its inception in 2001, there has been a notable decline in tooth decay cases among the younger population in Scotland.

Fluoride varnishing

Fluoride is a mineral that aids in the prevention of tooth decay and can be found in your toothpaste. Fluoride varnish, on the other hand, is a pale yellow gel applied to children’s teeth using a gentle brush. The varnish hardens quickly and has a pleasant taste and scent.

Studies suggest that fluoride varnish is highly efficient at reducing tooth decay when applied twice a year. You can book an appointment for your child (under the age of 18) to avail of this service under the Childsmile programme.

Preventing Dental Phobia

It’s recommended that all children under 18 attend a Childsmile appointment. This programme not only offers oral health guidance but also familiarises them with the sights, sounds, and smells of the dental office early on, potentially reducing future dental anxiety.

Children under 2 should receive guidance on teething, transitioning to cups, dietary advice, and brushing tips during these appointments. However, fluoride varnish is not administered at this age.

We believe that by participating in Childsmile, children can develop a positive relationship with our dental practice and understand that visiting the dentist is nothing to fear.

Please take advantage of FREE Childsmile programme and schedule an appointment for your child today.

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